Adam Palma- He’s “Positively Mad” on the Guitar

“For all of you who emailed me, texted me and poked on FB asking to record “Positively Mad” in a close-up, here it is!
Please mind that the song’s been evolving since I composed it and recorded on my album 2012. 
So this version is a bit different to the album track!

That was the description Adam Palma placed on this “rare”  2012 video of him casually playing to the camera at home. I say rare because as of this writing, this world class stellar guitarist who is going to be performing with Tommy Emmanuel again soon only has 278 views as of this writing on this video. WHAT????
This is hard to believe because this type of video has most of the makings of a viral video… live, casual, and not a big production (these are elements that I found people gravitate towards).  And on top of it, Adam’s playing is nothing less than amazing.

So let’s see what we can do here to get this video rejuvenated by hitting the share button below, giving him likes, etc., ……

If you’re interested in hearing Positively Mad or purchasing the album, check out Adam Palma 2012