Showhawk Duo: great live performance

Here is the amazing ShowHawk Duo (Mikhail Asanovic on lead, and Jake Wright on Rhythm) playing live in Edinburgh in 2011, where they played many tasteful and virtuosisitc renditions of famous themes.

Mikhail Asanovic is a classically trained guitarist, having recently completed his master’s degree at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Jake Wright is largely self taught, and grew up playing in rock and metal bands. He is also a passionate singer, and is well known on the music scene in and around the South-West of England. They met whilst busking in their home town of Bath.
 Their eclectic and energetic playing style spans a huge spectrum of genres – from 70′s rock hits, to gypsy jazz, to operatic overtures their sound truly defies classification. They break down barriers between genres and re-think musical structure, to create an all encompassing style in which the listener is never quite sure what is coming next. Mikhail’s classical foundation shines through in the Showhawk Duo’s music with embellished melodies soaring over the energetic rhythm parts. This classical style pitched against the more abrasive, rhythmic paroxysms characterized in Jake Wright’s playing compliment each other in this seemingly incongruous partnership to create one unified sound. Since playing together, the Showhawk duo have been greeted by audiences across the country with praise and acclaim.“ More
By Miche Archetto