Michael Fix plays the blues

Australian guitarist Michael Fix plays here “Thumb Thing”. He describes this piece as “an exercise for developing thumb independence – on both hands. Left hand thumb plays a moving bass line, while fingers play the melody over the top.”

One of the most popular videos of Michael is his acoustic reinterpretation of famous Bach’s “Toccata in D minor”
Here is some information taken from his official website:
He has won three Golden Guitars and numerous other awards in Australia, and tours widely throughout the world, particularly Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, and elsewhere in Europe.
In 2012 he made his first trip to South Africa, where he performed to standing ovations in every venue.
Over the past two decades, he’s released 13 albums, together with several singles and EPs, and has established himself globally as a leading performer, appearing at festivals and concert venues across Australia, Europe and Asia.
His latest release is the evocative Time Lines, featuring a collection of exquisite new pieces, inspired by Michael’s travels over the past few years as well as experiences closer to home, together with unique arrangements of some of the songs that have inspired him over the years.“  see more
By Miche Archetto