Maneli Jamal: The Long Journey Towards Home

Once again, Maneli Jamal shows us why he’s one of the top fingerstyle guitarist on the circuit today. This song entitled “ Movement IV- Alleviation” is not only well played, but a memorable composition that I have now come to expect from this fine guitarist.

Maneli, who has moved around a lot, is now based in Canada, but I see him doing a lot of traveling and a busy guitar schedule. Hey, when do you find the time to record all these videos?

This particular video  ” Movement IV- Alleviation” already has over 1000 views and is proof that his audience is growing in leaps and bounds.

Below is a link to to Maneli’s website… tabs available “ Movement IV- Alleviation” as well. Make sure to like this post and share it with your friends to show your support for Maneli Jamal.

“Ah. The finale of the Lamaj Movement. This one is about reaching a place in your life that you can feel proud of. For my family it happened arriving to Germany when I was a youngster.
“The Lamaj Movement” – May 2012, features 12 original compositions based on my nomadic life thus far (Iran, Belarus, Germany, USA, Canada). Each track is a piece of memory taken at one point during our travels. Phew what a trip! Music also available on iTunes, Amazon, emusic, etc.”

More tabs and tour info at