Robot Guitarist With 78 Fingers Performs with “Power Trio”

So you think that humans can’t be replaced?

Well here’s a video that I found that features robots playing …

The music almost reminds me of the Dixie Dregs, although Robots playing it of course.

All things considered, the music is not entirely stiff as I would expect, perhaps a little too electronic sounding but hey, with a few band rehearsals I’m sure they can loosen up a bit?.

So can you ask a robot to play with soul, or can you just program that in as well?

Squarepusher × Z-MACHINES


The uploader author “Referred to this

as “an attempt to break new ground for emotional machine music” by its composer Squarepuhser, “Sad Robot Goes Funny” features the superhuman prowess of Z-MACHINES, showcasing in particular the stupendous chops of the guitarist playing multiple melody lines with 78 fingers and 12 picks at lightning speed in the latter half of the song. “

Here’s the members of the band:
MACH -Robot guitarist challenging the speed of over 1000 BPM
ASHURA -Robot drummer that can play the most complex rhythm on 22 drums
COSMO -Robot keyboard player resembling a future life form


I also found an article on CNN that has a great description

“Listen to this three-piece with your eyes closed and it could be any group of musicians plucking a guitar, twinkling on an electric keyboard, or beating a drum.

Sure, there’s a synthesized quality to the music — which sweeps from orchestral to experimental rock — but what band doesn’t get a little help from computers these days?

Open your eyes and you’ll find something very different indeed.

For starters, the guitarist is a humanoid looming two-meters-tall, with 78 fingers sweeping across the glowing instrument strapped to its torso.

The rocking robot — called March — bangs its impressive mane of multi-colored cables in time to the music, albeit a little jerkily.

Seated a little behind is Ashura, the drummer with 22 arms extending like a futuristic octopus and playing four times faster than any human ever could.

And then there’s Cosmo, perhaps the most alien band member of all, a keyboardist with green lasers hitting each key with pinpoint accuracy.

Can these robots play music that is emotionally engaging?

“The footage of the robot performer is almost like watching a broken human, with a skeleton of steel, and oil for blood,” said Tom Jenkinson, better known as British recording artist Squarepusher, who composed the music for the mechanical band’s new EP.

“Using robots has this eerie narrative associated with it — the twilight area between human and machine. It’s just a box of tricks, but it still haunts us because we see it as an impression of ourselves.”

Big in Japan

Created by engineers at the University of Tokyo, the robot band uses around 300 kilowatts of electricity, which designer Kenjiro Matsuo admitted: “Is a big amount of power.”

“We just bought a power board which has a switch — many people can try to make this kind of robot in their house now.” visit CNN for more info

Not for nothing but, the masses already listen to computer programmed music so, I imagine lot of people going out and buying this record.

Ah, the record labels ultimate dream… not having to put up with temperamental Human Artists! I guess at some point perhaps a band like this won’t even need a programmer/composer. Maybe by that time the major record label higher ups will also be replaced as well by robots. WAIT A MINUTE, I think that has  already happened!!!