Craig D’Andrea: Fingerstyle Champion

Craig D’Andrea, from Riverside CT, plays here is original called “Bird Feeder Politics” from his CD “Craig D’Andrea …and the B.L.T’.s” (2011). This relaxing piece is an example how modern percussive techniques doesn’t necessary implies hectic paces. According to his official website, the tuning for this tune is CGCGCE.

This is the bio taken from Craig’s Facebook page:
Craig D’Andrea is one of the younger faces you will find on the acoustic guitar scene but he isn’t playing like he’s 23 years old. Craig has been receiving support from fans and critics alike since releasing his debut album Crazy is Catching on CandyRat Records in March of 2007. The release of his album, along with his title of 2007 Canadian Fingerstyle Champion, has given him the chance to tour in the United States and Canada respected artists Andy McKee, Don Ross, Antoine Dufour and Peter Ciluzzi.
Craig’s first experience with an instrument was in the third grade when he began taking mandatory lessons at Riverside Elementary School; for whatever reason he decided to play the cello. On the first day of middle school Craig quit because he could not read music and was apparently playing by ear during the last three years. There was not much music being played until the summer before ninth grade when his grandmother gave him two baritone ukuleles. The baritone uke is strung like the high four strings of a guitar, so they share certain chord shapes, and Craig had no problem learning to play this isntrument on his own.
In October of 1999 Craig began taking guitar lessons at the local music store from a teacher named Mike Mirtsopoulos. Mike was (and is) a greatly supportive teacher who helped Craig learn guitar from the ground up. Lessons in scales, site reading, technique, creativity and how to set personal goals were all part of the weekly practice regiment. During the time of these lessons Craig was introduced to fingerstyle guitar through standard beginner pieces like “Mood for a Day” by Steve Howe and “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas. Eventually Craig began listening to Fleetwood Mac and learned most of the Lindsay Buckingham’s guitar parts. 
The music of Don Ross was the first to really catch Craig’s attention and show him that the guitar can survive on its own. Over the next few years Craig learned most of Don’s music as well as many pieces by Kottke and Hedges. High school brought on the opportunity to take classes in electronic music composition. It was in this class that Craig seriously began to write music using MIDI sequencing software and eventually the compositional ideas turned towards the guitar. 
By Miche Archetto