Estas Tonne: Taking It To The Street

Estas Tonne – RUMBADIOSA – Stadtspektakel Landshut 2013

“The Performance of “RUMBADIOSA” by the amazing guitar player Estas Tonne at the Buskers Festival Stadtspektakel in Landshut at 14th of September 2013 in the Old Town Residence.”

Video: Sony HDR-CX550
Sound: Estas Tonne

I read some of the YouTube descriptions and some of the comments were asking why Estas Tonne wasn’t famous? Some people that knew him commented that he “didn’t want it that way”…. Well, Estas does get a lot of YouTube views, and if he didn’t want it that way well, he’s certainly getting famous and getting a lot of response on the internet.

This video that was put out Oct 2013 already has 213,000 + views!

Here’s a link for more Estas Tonne:

by Bob Harris