Diknu Schneeberger Trio- Hot Gypsy Jazz

Diknu Schneeberger Trio-Moonflower

Here’s an example of a video that has a lot of views (50,000+) but was still difficult to locate (in other words, it didn’t just jump out as I was digging for vids).

The playing here by the trio of guitarist Diknu Schneeberger, guitarist Martin Spitzer, and bassist Joschi Schneeberger is no less than fantastic… I’m sure the folks hearing this live at the club (somewhere in Germany?) were beyond thrilled. But who are these guys? Once again, the YouTube description is lacking… so.

Here’s some bio information on the Diknu Schneeberger Trio (translated from German):

Diknu, born on 17.01.1990 in Vienna 
Hans Koller Award Winners 2006 Talent of the Year! 
2008 Nominated for the Amadeus Price division Album of the Year 
2008 Nominated for the Hans Koller Prize winners Newcomer of the Year! 
Diknu Schneeberger is an absolutely exceptional talent, a rising star in the sky guitarist.

If in his debut album “Rubina” you were already excited about the virtuosity of the young guitarist, so you can marvel at “The Spirit Of Django” about the young Gypsy jazz freak just yet. Diknu combines perfected technology with a relaxed playfulness, natural musicality and melody feel with virtuosity! He adds here and there a little Latin-oriented sounds and licks, making his gypsy sound extremely likeable.

Three years ago, saw the then 17-year-old Sintu a sensation and received the Hans Koller Prize probably the most important jazz prize of his country. From club gigs were sold out “big houses” such as the Munich Prince Regent Theatre or the Bourse du Travail in Lyon. Concerts in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, England, Italy, Iran, Russia, Malta and Spain are now also part of the everyday life of the Diknu Schneeberger Trio as appearances on radio and TV.

The loose interaction with the renowned Viennese jazz guitarist Martin Spitzer, Hans Koller Award Winner 2008, and with Father Joschi Schneeberger on bass is marked by precision, playfulness and spontaneity.” see more on the Diknu schneeberger Trio

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