Paul Reynolds: Acoustics

Something in a Brother

Here’s UK guitarist Paul Reynolds with a a song entitled “Something In A Brother” that features… obviously him playing lead guitar, but also features a backing track. Paul Reynolds, who has been featured before here at Acoustic Guitar Videos and is an active member at our facebook page, and often comments when we post bluegrass or newgrass style music.

Well, this song and the playing and the production really is very reminiscent of Tony Rice’s music after he left the David Grisman Quintet…. specifically the album called “Acoustics” which is Tony performing jazzier style melodies and chord changes. Very cool Paul… I could listen to this all night. Here’s Paul’s take on the whole thing…

“This track is from my Acoustic Instrumental Guitar Album ‘Later’. At the time of recording, which was a few years ago, I was aiming to make something that was melodic with solid phrasing on the improvised solos. I’ll leave it for others to say if I achieved this. When my brother took up guitar, I showed him how to play 7ths and 9ths so he could back me up on Swing stuff. If someone asked him to do C, he couldn’t. But he could fly around that fretboard on 3 note voicings. He can play C now of course. Many years ago we were in a dingy bedsit in London with no food like the guys from the movie Withnail & I. Joe came up with four chords which I went with and wrote this tune. I layered Bass and 5 Guitar parts. On rare occasions, I’ll play this on a solo gig with this backing track.”