Kelpie: Folk music from the North

 Here is something different and yet completely acoustic and worth listening.
This is the description on youtube:
From CD “Kelpie” ( – The duo Kelpie consists of two renowned musicians from the Celtic-Scandinavian world-music scene. As well as concerts at major festivals and venues world-wide, they are in demand as composers, producers, arrangers and session musicians.

- Kerstin Blodig studied musicology and Scandinavian languages and cultures in Berlin (Germany) and in Bergen (Norway) with particular emphasis on Norwegian folk music. She is involved in a wide variety of different projects, ranging from studio work, folk-pop and theatre music productions to the Celtic groups Norland Wind, Talking Water and Touchwood with Belfast musician Cristina Crawley.

- Ian Melrose from Ayr in the Southwest of Scotland, belongs to the cream of Europe’s acoustic guitarists. He is an internationally acclaimed composer and arranger, lead guitarist with Clannad (World Tour, Grammy Award winning CD “Landmarks”), and plays with Kerstin also in Norland Wind and Talking Water. A major aspect of his work is solo guitar: based on Celtic finger-picking style, his compositions blend Irish dances, Scottish ballads and classical formats with Brazilian samba and Argentine tango to create real world-music on the guitar.
We featured Ian Melrose in a previous post. If you want to listen to some solo work by Kerstin Blodig here is an example:


By Miche Archetto