Sierra Hull Joins Ricky Scaggs

This was taken from a live show that took place in  Nashville Tennessee on July 1, 2010 featuring the song Rawhide.

Yea, I know this mostly features  Sierra Hull with the Ricky Scaggs band Kentucky Thunder, but check out Cody Kilby’s guitar break (right after Sierra’s mando break).

Great  (from everyone in the band of course) but let’s talk a little about the guitar break. I still think that the band could quiet down a little for Cody. I wonder if they would be plotting along so hard if Tony Rice was playing? I understand that the first part of the solo is drowned out by applause for Sierra’s break, but midway through when the crowd is in listening mode, it’s still hard to hear Cody? Should he play louder … or is it the sound engineer or the bands fault?