Cody Kilby- Take A Break- or Two

Leftwich, House, Kilby – Melee on the Backstretch

Here’s one for my brothers and sisters in bluegrass that I know you will appreciate.  Gonna give Steve Dobson from our credit for sharing this.

If you’ve been hiding under a bluegrass rock, Andy Leftwich and Cody Kilby are the great sidemen in the Ricky Scaggs band- but great is really an understatement, as these two powerhouse players make up so much of the distinctive sound that Ricky’s band “Kentucky Thunder” is noted for. Cody Kilby is just an amazing guitarist- obviously did his studies of Tony Rice- may be the most deadly flatpicker out on the scene today. You would be hard pressed to find a more powerful guitarists than Cody.

Andy Leftwich is a crazy great fiddler (as you can hear here) but is also a knockout on mandolin. He could of course be heading up his own band but I’m just gonna say it’s great that these guys are still with Ricky. Hey, they’re young and they’ll be plenty of time for that to follow. The bass player Byron House is the only guy here that I’m not familiar with. Excellent player for sure.

It looks as though they are recording this with a Royer ribbon mic- most likely the stereo version. Put this mic into a quality mic pre and you are gonna get a great natural sound for sure. The high end of these ribbon mics are perfect for instruments like a fiddle where you don’t want so much of the 3-10 k sharpness. I describe the ribbon mics as having a “pillowy” tone up top.

Please if you are into bluegrass (or even if you are not) share this video with your friends!