Jason Kertson: Two Guitars, Better Than One

About a month ago I saw this Jason Kertson video floating around facebook titled “Boy Plays Two Guitars At Once.”

I have to admit, although I’m not one for gimmicks so much, this is something I thought worth posting.

Now, could Jason Kertson have accomplished “Drifting”  on one guitar? Well, Andy McKee did so that answers that question.

But as far as gaining more YouTube views (this one has 45,000 +)this is something that I know has already been shared around a lot including a few articles written about this performance (now including this one).

Here’s some more info…

“Jason Kertson has thrilled crowds with his amazing guitar work, strong vocals and a sound reminiscent of Seattle’s thriving rock scene of the 1990′s. But it’s a video of a solo acoustic performance that really blew our minds!

The uber-talented 15 year old performed the Andy McKee song “Drifting” on TWO guitars, then joined Margaret to talk about his band, Jason Kertson & the Immortals, which is recording an EP with Nirvana producer Jack Endino. He also shared what it’s like to have Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine as a mentor. In addition to performing and recording, the ninth grader finds time to share his love of music with kids on the Autism spectrum who are part of a program in the Puyallup School District, for which his mother works. He shared a particularly poignant moment working with one specific student.

Jason comes from Seattle rock “royalty” – his grandfather is Rob Lind, sax player and vocalist for the legendary band “The Sonics,” who are still going strong!” see more