John Standefer: Fingerstyle Ala Chet Atkins

John Standerfer – I’ll See You In My Dreams

I predict that this video is going to do well and we’re going to get a lot of shares and likes with this.


Well, I think the vast majority of the folks here are into the Chet Atkins fingerstyle guitar style… and this video which features guitarist John Standerfer is definitely  Chet Atkins influenced.

John Standefer’s YouTube channel is filled with a lot of great stuff including a lot of YouTube hits. No doubt because of his fine playing but he also teaches, and that can definitely gather a crowd rather quickly.  Look over his teaching video & tab set at

Check out this quote from John Standerfer’s  YouTube comments that he himself posted:

“When I first had a chance to talk to Chet Atkins live I told him in astonishment “You make it look so easy!”. He replied “Well, it is.” I sorta wanted to poke him in the eye, but after about another 10,000 hours of practice, I see what he meant. It IS easy now (but it certainly didn’t used to be…)  JS”


Thanks to my pal Les Bayer, banjoist from the NYC bluegrass band “Yankee Rebels” for turning me on to John Standerfer