Timothy Baker: Blackberry Blossom ala Tony

Here’s young guitarist Timothy Baker (who is also a fine singer, or I should say he’s a fine singer that also plays really good guitar) with the bluegrass standard Blackberry Blossom.

Timothy is obviously a fan (and student) of Tony Rice, but with this rendition, hey doesn’t copy note per note Tony’s exact version. One thing that I’ve seen Tony do on the E- B progression is play the notes up the neck which is a lot easier to do once you get it under your fingers. But Timothy obviously has learned the Rice sound, which is the most popular style of bluegrass flatpicking guitar and a real advantage as a talented singer to be able to do.

Talented singer?

Oh, yea, and really really good. I predict big things for Timothy if he can find himself landing in the right places.

Check this out…

I went to look for some bio material and instead came across his YouTube channel which is packed with a lot of videos which you can check out:


After listening to a few, it’s obvious that the focus is on his vocals (as well it should be). So write his name down cause if he sounds this good with a cheap video mic, just imagine him in a real studio.