Antonio Calogero: Unexpected Summer

Here’s guitarist Antonio Calogero who was featured in the March issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine with a piece entitled “Unexpected Summer” (which I can tell you we are not having in New Jersey today).

This piece features a lot of the modern guitar techniques such as tapping, percussive, but also has a good amount of fingerstyle to back it all up. I’m also liking the fact that this recording which was made in San Francisco, was live without any overdubs or editing. Notice if you will- you can even hear Antonio breathing.

“Italy’s Antonio Calogero is a bright light in the new generation of acoustic guitarist/composers. Drawing on folk, jazz, classical, and international influences, the poetic sensibility of the Mediterranean is always present when this intense and captivating guitarist takes the stage. Although he composes for both nylon and steel-string guitar, Antonio’s rigorous classical guitar training imbues his passionate performances with insight and precision.
Originally from Messina, Italy, Antonio moved to Rome where he received his degree in classical guitar from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Music. He then began performing in music halls and at festivals in Europe. His first recording, Caleidoscopio, was released on the Italian DDD label. His second recording, La Rosa del Deserto, was released on the prestigious German label, Acoustic Music Records and it features guest appearances by German guitar virtuoso Peter Finger, and American mandolinist Mike Marshall. A new recording for guitar and ensemble, Danza Multietnica, co-produced by Alex de Grassi, was released on Suono Records in June 2009.”

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by Bob Harris