Blake Noble – 12-string “Lap Tap”

Here’s a live performance by 12 string “lap tap” guitarist Blake Noble with a piece entitled Bundjalung.

As you can hear and see, Blake is really taking it to the audience, which isn’t so easy for anyone to do with just a guitar.

Blake who has incredible timing, definitely leans on the side of percussion with the guitar- playing it like musical bongos.

Some of you may think this is not what the guitar is supposed to do but…. fact is, the guitar has evolved in recent years to be more than just picking and strumming and, this is what is attracting so many young guitarist to the acoustic.  (hey, I cried when Rock & Roll took over Big Band Music in popularity…)

‘Bundjalung’ is a rhythmic and heartfelt ode to the local Aboriginal people of his home town – Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia. Blake Noble shines in this crowd favorite with the use of a technique inspired by Erik Mongrain called ‘lap tapping’. The audience rewards him with a standing ovation in the packed Neptune Theater. 

Filmed by James Goldsmith at The Neptune Theater in Seattle, Washington 2012 at the Music Aid Northwest ‘Play It Forward’ fundraiser, which aims to benefit music education in Washington. Blake shared the stage with Alan White (Yes, John Lennon), Jon Popper (Blues Traveler), Lee Oskar, and many more.”