Nathan Clark George: Advent, The Birth of Jesus

It’s Christmas time again and as I did last year, I wanted to feature something acoustic that you may not have heard that is definitely worth a listen.

Here’s vocalist/guitarist Nathan Clark George with the song  ”Remember O Thou Man.”

Nathan has what I call a “pure natural” sounding voice, and this rendition which also features mandolin and bass is just so moving. The emotion level here is undeniable- easily now my favorite version of this song.

My only regret is, I wish I could have been at the concert to experience what I believe Nathan conveys as the true meaning of Christmas. Now I know I probably shouldn’t be talking religion here, sure way to turn a lot of people off.

But if you are anything like me and you like acoustic guitar, I’m imagining you are similar and don’t think inside a box (unless the box is of course an acoustic guitar). I think what Nathan here is doing is spreading the true meaning of Christmas, which is not about shopping, sales, deadlines and black days listed on the calendar. It’s the birth of Christ… so whether or not you are Christian, I’m hoping that Nathan’s music at least gives you the appreciation of what this Advent season is really all about. Certainly this will be so refreshing  for those of  you that try to walk with Christ (as I attempt to do every day).

By the way, I’m sure you are wondering how I found this video.. Well, Nathan, who recently joined the AGV Newsletter (see on the right) wrote to me and shared this video. And he said that he didn’t think I would post it cause it wasn’t so focused on guitar.  Well, I appreciate that the focus is on Jesus (and the guitar is beautiful!).

Please share this video with your friends and family if it moves you. for booking information. Filmed live in Franklin, TN by Franklin Spring Family Media….. first rate!