Will Brown: Tapestries of Sound

By Miche Archetto:

We featured already Will Brown in a previous post. Recently he shared the video of his composition “Skyline” on our facebook page. Will makes use of both traditional and modern techniques without overdoing it.
In his official website I’ve found that:
Will Brown is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. He writes solo instrumental music, and his unique style blends modern fingerstyle approaches, such as alternate tunings, tapping, and percussive playing, with the more traditional approaches of fingerstyle blues, country, and folk. He is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and currently lives in Eugene, Oregon.
Will takes an acoustic guitar and weaves tapestries of sound, tells musical stories, and invites listeners into various sonic landscapes. He explores all that an acoustic guitar can do. Using many tunings and an array of techniques: percussive, rhythmic, harmonic, melodic, he creates rich scenery of sound and funky grooves that traverse many moods and styles. He rarely plays a tune exactly the same way twice, and his love of
improvisation brings spontaneity and a sense of being
“in the moment” to his performances.