Fan Shi Long: An Old Man in a Kids Body

“Int. Gitarren Festival Velbert Juni 2012  Fan Shi Long / China Sieger der Altersgruppe 1
Musikschule Velbert”

Okay…. Got to wonder why after a year this super guitar kid from China named Fan Shi Long or Shi Long Fan (I’ll get to that in a moment) only has 1,700 + views on YouTube for this performance? This is hard to understand for me.

This kid has got such a wonderful flow.. The timing and tone is just so impeccable here…

And how old is he? Well, according to what I just looked up, he’s 10 years old.

And there seems to be some confusion as to what his name is… or the order it goes in.

Some places refer to him as Shi Long Fan so, I don’t know what that’s all about.

There’s very little bio info other than Shi Long Fan or Fan Shi Long’s 1st place tie with fellow People’s Republic of China Guitarists Yang Hao in the 8th Velbert Segovia-Wettbewerb  2012 youth competition (under 14 years).

We’ve seen some excellent child guitarists here at Acoustic Guitar Videos and Shi Long Fan has got to be the tops (at least in classical guitar). Do you believe in reincarnation?