Scotty Anderson: Must Be From Dixie

Scotty Anderson is here playing acoustic guitar at what looks like the NAMM show back in the 80′s (according to other videos that looked similar).

After hearing this I went to his website to check out some bio info and found out that he indeed is from Dixie… Whitley City Kentucky to be exact (Kentucky is still considered part of the south or Dixie, even though it didn’t secede from the union). If you want to read some of Scotty’s bio, check it out here:

When you go over there, the music you get to hear sounds like Scotty on electric with a rhythm guitarist, bass and drums.

I’m sure by now you are wondering when I’m going to say something nice about Scotty’s playing?

Well, I’m not.

A guy that plays like that doesn’t need me or anyone else to pay him a complement. So if you want to say something below like “Geezz, this is the best country guitarist I’ve ever heard in my life,” or, “What planet did this monster leave to get to here,”  you go right ahead.