Leo Eymard plays a viola caipira

By Miche Archetto

The viola caipira (Portuguese for country guitar) is a ten-string, five-course guitar. Unlike most steel-string guitars, its strings are plucked with the fingers of the right hand similarly to the technique used for classical and flamenco guitars, rather than by the use of a plectrum.
It is a folk instrument commonly found in Brazil, where it is often simply called viola. Resonator models are also produced.
A large number of tunings are used; open tunings are common.
This is what you can find on wikipedia about this instrument, which resembles the baroque guitar.
Leo Eymard is a young brazilian guitarist, and here he plays his composition for viola entitled “Caminho Velho”. The bio on his facebook page is in Portuguese only. Here is a rough translation:
Leo Eymard , from Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil), had his first contact with music when 5 yeras old he began to learn piano. Graduated in music from the Federal University of Minas Gerais ( UFMG ), he attended several courses with important musicians , such as André Mehmari , Cristovao Bastos , Alessandro Penezzi and Rogério Caetano . He served as music producer , arranger and player of the shows “Na Carreira” and  ”Um dia me contou esse andarilho”, touring several cities in Brazil and Latin America . In 2012 , Leo Eymard performed at Savassi Festival and Project Pizindin , the latter interpreting compositions by Yamandú Costa . In the same year , he was the winner of the Viola contest of the TV network Globo Minas . Recently he won the XIII BDMG Instrumental Award , one of the most important and prestigious of the Country. His name has become popular through his work as a teacher for the Cifra Club website . Currently, he is working on an album with compositions and instrumental arrangements of his own.