Frano Zivkovic: 8 Years Old

“8yr old kid guitarist Frano Zivkovic plays Tommy Emmanuel’s Halfway Home.
From album “Little By Little”, available at

I have a client in my studio watching me write this post.

He just asked the question… “If you closed your eyes would you still post this video?”

Good question!

Well, to be honest Al, no I wouldn’t. But with eyes open, what makes this amazing is the age of Frano being able to pull this song off, and it’s not so easy.

Frano Zivkovic, who has been posted here before (Frano Zivkovic, age 5)  is definitely maturing right before our very eyes.

Who knows what the future holds for this young guitarist? Let’s hope he still has the desire to play when he’s a teenager (from what I can see, it sure looks like he loves playing).