Johannes Moller: All The Notes And Then Some

This is spectacular guitar!

Johannes Moller, who performs the Brouwer Sonata 3rd movement is as coordinated
a guitarist as you will ever come across. His use of open strings is as good as it gets.

I just wish more of you here would be able to appreciate just how great this is… seeing that it is classical… I’m afraid this post and this incredible playing will go unnoticed.

After watching this, check out the vid I have included below. Here’s Johnannes Moller‘s biography:

“The Swedish guitarist and composer Johannes Möller has captivated audiences throughout the world with charismatic and soulful performances. In 2010 he was awarded first prize in the GFA Concert Artist Competition, considered by many to be the most prestigious guitar competition in the world.

As a performer, Johannes’s artistry has reached well beyond the usual guitar circles. This was confirmed in March 2008 when he won the Dutch Vriendenkrans Concours while competing against performers in all instrumental categories. As a part of this award his name has been engraved on a metal plate that can be seen in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. He also became the first guitarist ever to win the Ljunggrenska Competition (Sweden) in 2007, and the conclusion issued by the jury was: “With the help of a breathtaking technique and all the colors of the rainbow he opens a door to a world of subtle expressions which strikes us with great power and intensity.” In 2005, he became the first guitarist to win The Bromsgrove Festival International Young Musicians Platform (England). Critics have also noted his special qualities, writing of his playing “Guitarist Johannes Moller achieved miracles with his lucid, spacious playing.” (Stephen Pettitt, London Evening Standard).

At the age of 12 as a self-taught composer Johannes experienced an outburst of creativity that resulted in a large quantity of mainly chamber music works for various instrumentations. A selection of these works was recorded on a CD with some of the top instrumentalists in Sweden when he was 14 years old. A critic from the Swedish newspaper Göteborgsposten wrote about these compositions, ”What is to become of Johannes Möller? A Swedish Mozart – in our time?” more here


The Night Flame by Johannes Möller performed by Johannes Möller, guitar and Arif Khan, tabla. Live from BlueFROG Mumbai 15 September 2013.