Macyn Taylor: Leo Kottke On A Resonator

By Miche Archetto:

Macyn Taylor is 19 years old, and two years ago she graduated in Music Performance at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. In this video, uploaded more than 2 years ago, she plays the famous song “Vaseline Machine Gun” by Leo Kottke on a National Style-O resonator.


On  Macyn Taylor’s official website she wrote

My musical journey began with my Brownie troop when I was seven years old. My troop was going to have a talent show at a local nursing home. I said to my dad, who was co-leader of the troop, “Dad, I don’t have a talent”. He told me that we had an old guitar at home and he would show me a few chords so that I could sing a couple of Christmas carols. After the show, as we were all leaving, the activities director told my dad and me that she enjoyed my performance and asked if I would come back again sometime. My dad said the troop would be happy to come back again the next year, but that, if she would like, I could come back the next month and do a whole show for them by myself. I panicked, grabbing my dad’s arm and saying, “Dad, I can only play two songs”. He assured me that I learned the two songs so fast that I could easily learn twenty by the next month. He was right. We went to a different retirement home each week to develop my confidence. Then for St. Patrick’s Day, I learned some Irish songs and sang at some Irish pubs. From there I began playing, churches, festivals, farmer’s markets, coffee shops, fund raisers, charity events, memorial dedications, or any other place that we could find. I really enjoyed it. I was always telling my dad to find me more gigs. I started playing on the sidewalk after we took my sister to school in Madison. I saw the street musicians on State Street and asked my parents if I could give it a try. The next time we took my sister to school, I went out on State Street with a mandolin and a coffee can under the watchful eye of my brother. I actually made some money. That was also how the nickname “Sidewalk Superstar” got attached to me. From then on, whenever we would visit my sister, I would bring a banjo or guitar and play for a while on State Street. Then I got a gig playing on the UW Student Union Terrace Saturday evenings during the summers. A professor of music became interested in my performances, and suggested that I attend classes at the university. I was too young to live in Madison by myself and my sister lived in a sorority house, so I couldn’t stay with her. We decided that I would enroll at UW Milwaukee. It is within commuting distance of my house. This educational opportunity has allowed me to meet some of the top finger-style players in the world and has markedly improved my skills and technique. I am continuing my education at UWM and performing publicly every chance I get.


You can also find other interesting videos on her youtube channel.