Mother Maybelle Carter And Daughters- Wildwood Flower

Here’s the Wildwood Flower- a song that’s still a popular piece amongst flatpicking guitarists. But you will notice that Mother Maybelle Carter is not flatpicking at all. In fact, she is using what I call a backwards clawhammer guitar technique ¬†where her right hand is opposite- as she plays the melody with her thumb, and picks up strokes with her index finger.

Maybelle was an innovator on guitar and is credited for developing this style in Country music. What’s also interesting, her style of guitar was also influential with various Blues guitarist- Freddy King is one that comes to mind.

Oh, and check out those attractive dresses the Carter Sisters wore for the show…..


YouTube description:

“Mother Maybelle Carter playing Wildwood Flower at the Johnny Cash show. Also featuring the Carter sisters Anita Carter & Helen Carter. June was not there because she was pregnant of John Carter Cash.”

Correct me if I’m wrong but, doesn’t that look like June Carter in the middle? The description says Anita and Helen, but 3 girls…. What do you think? Sure looks like June to me?