Phil Keaggy: One Man Orchestra

Normally when I hear that a guy is a one man band meaning, he’s playing guitar, a hi hat with one foot, bass pedals with another… and then a lot of other things in between I think…”I don’t need to see that.”

Well, this as you will see is different… very different….

Without knowing all of the little gadgets Phil is using, there’s no doubt a looper, digital delays, and reverbs are utilized here. Let’s not forget adding the shaker and the little thin plastic that he put between the strings for yet another effect.

Really this song reminds me of a movie score!

This is an example of using effects “as an effect” and not as the mainstay of the piece.

Phil Keaggy perhaps is the best that I’ve seen with regard to utilization of technology..

Oh, and yea, Phil can play a little guitar as well! (ha ha).

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