Michel Haumont – Pickin’ Mister Picking

Michel Haumont en concert à Cuges-les-Pins, 1er décembre 2011
Ce titre est un hommage à Marcel Dadi.

Don’t read French? Well, wait till you see what his bio reads like translated.. Here it is:

“It is booming folk aware in 1974 that Michel Haumont, then aged 17 , his first record , the result of the American Center hootenannies and flok club he runs into his high school . Four other albums followed, until 1983 , revealing to the public a singular talent acoustic guitarist . The Olympia , with John Renbourn and Planxty , dedicated this young French composer who simultaneously publishes his unusual guitar method . A previous year the Channel enables it to forty concert accompanied by Ralph Mc Tell.


Michel Haumont , creator seasoned diversifies. For a parade of Thierry Mugler , he composed La Valse Zenith . It goes on record or on stage Philippe Chatel , Gilbert Lafaille , Véronique Rivière , Julien Clerc, Francis Lalanne , Patrick Bruel, Marie -José Vilar , Georges Moustaki , Pierre Barouh … Michel is now recognized as one of the best French specialists £ acoustic guitar . The tour took him to Japan, Canada , Poland , Austria , Czechoslovakia, Germany, Madagascar , etc. …

The fulfillment

More staff, trip computer system twelve o’clock opens new sonic horizons for the young composer. This experience made ​​a deep impression , leading him to become an arranger for many artists, including Philippe Chatel , Gilbert Lafaille , or Leny Escudero .

Back to basics

With his latest album , Hall of Fame , directed by Jean- Jacques Milteau Michel Haumont is not only returned to a counting : it reflects a time and honors its origins. Renbourn , Dadi , Watson, Travis Reed, Atkins … The musician pays homage to the legendary virtuoso guitar picking. Largely inspired by the American folk repertoire North HAll of fame , sorit in 1998 recreated live sound , very popular in the early 70 60et tasks these folk guitarists and welcomes around Michael, Jack Ada , Manu Galvin, Jean- Jacques Milteau and Danny Vriet.” more

Got that? Well one thing is for sure… Michel Haumont does some mighty fine guitar pickin’ on this video!! Don’t forget to share this with your friends!