Pino Russo: Nardis

One of my all time favorite songs ever is Miles Davis’s composition “Nardis,” which was written in 1958 during his “Modal” period.

Now here’s guitarist Pino Russo, performing Nardis on a classical guitar.

Well, there’s nothing classical really about this performance except for Pino’s technique, which looks very classically disciplined. Beautiful tone that he’s getting out of the instrument as well, which makes me wonder whether or not this performance was recorded first?

Here’s Pino’s Bio:

“Born in 1957, a biologist “graduated” in classic guitar, is today a performer and composer. He teaches music theory, harmony, ensemble music, and guitar at the Centro Jazz Torino and he is a professor of jazz guitar at the Academy of Music “Vivaldi”, Alessandria . Nicknamed the “six-string-Orchestra” for his dynamic view of sound and guitar touch. He intensely studied the tone of the amplified classic guitar sound exploring diverse music fields like jazz, contemporary, bossa-nova, mediterranean music and Bachiano counterpoint. ” see more