Smokin’ Joe Robinson: Knockin’ Out A Little Somethin’

I’m gonna go out on a limb here (well not really)

and say that Smokin’ Joe Robinson is probably the heir to the Tommy Emmanuel acoustic guitar throne and perhaps one of the most talented guitarist you will ever hear.

Well, it’s not such a bold statement really… just listen to this video.

I like what the guy say’s to Joe while they’re setting up the stage for the next act:

Can you ‘knock out” a little something while everybody’s getting set up.

Hey, no problem. Let me just play a “little somethin” that’s gonna make everybody that is setting up on stage want to just get off stage and put their guitars back in the case.. for good.

With Joe Robinson, it’s not only the incredible speed and the dexterity of his hands (look at that left hand would you)….it’s the groove he has.

That’s something you are born with… as was the same with Tommy Emmanuel. That’s what makes both Joe and Tommy two of the most exciting guitarists on the planet.

Now I know that Joe has been venturing out with other things- electric guitar which I am of course expecting him to be a monster at…. And I even saw a video of Joe doing some singing. Well Joe, that acoustic you play is “electrifying” and when you play, you sure can make that guitar “sing.”