Ryan Inglis: ‘Fear’

Here’s a live performance that sounds so good, it’s hard to believe it’s live- until you hear the applause at the end.

Ryan Inglis is one of those guys that can do it all- a great vocalist and a great guitarist. I hope you all know how rare that really is….

This song is part of a new album that Ryan has in the can and due for release. You can check it out at his website (link below). Ryan is at this point in time “unsigned” which means for right now… he gets to keep the money for record sales (ha ha)…

Ryan Inglis Bio:

“Talented singer/songwriter/guitarist Ryan Inglis, hailing from W-s-M, won $15,000 to record his next album of original material from fan-funding via slicethepie.com and has been recording at Abbey Roadstudios. A previous national finalist of Live & Unsigned and winner of Baths Got Talent. His single Secret released in 2011 reached the top of the Amazon Rock Charts and #4 in the iTunes singer/songwriter charts. His album ‘The Time Is Now‘ is due for release imminently.

Ryan Inglis’ music is an acoustic guitar base, matured for over 10 years infused with gospel inspired rhythm & melodic bass-lines then garnished with haunting strings & grade A lead guitar hooks and finally seasoned with chopped dance/trance samples. Connoisseurs will appreciate the thoughtful lyrics and the vocal tone (a particular delicacy) Low in fat, Ryan Inglis is also suitable for vegetarians and with a calorie count of 0 you can listen to as much as you like guilt free.” read more on Ryan’s website