Jimmy Page- Acoustic- Going To California

Here’s Led Zeppelin, or should I say Robert Plant with Jimmy Page and a mandolinist with Going To California.

I’ve always loved this song and this version is just as good as the original. Robert Plant of course has got an incredible voice- one that you can recognize in one line. Sorry to say that I can’t do that with a lot of the singers I’m hearing on the radio today. Perhaps there’s a few of them, but I just don’t know. Well as a matter of fact,¬†looking around at a lot of the comments on YouTube, I noticed that they were having a discussion about the pop music of today vs. yesterday, and how the music of today is not as good. I’m gonna leave that opinion alone!

Back to this video- besides Robert’s voice, I especially love the mandolin along with Jimmy’s acoustic, even if it’s slightly out of tune. Hey, hard to know who this mandolin player is… couldn’t find any info.

Anyone have any idea of who this might be?