Ben Powell: DADGAD As Standard


Original Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar in DADGAD (The Village by Ben Powell)

More and more of our subscribers here at Acoustic Guitar videos are asking for fingerstyle guitar videos.

And just when you think there’s can’t be anymore great players out there, there’s always another notable guitarist such as Ben Powell that’s made some serious noise (should call it sounds) in the acoustic guitar world.

With that said, here’s his video of a song called “The Village” which features his standard DADGAD tuning.

Guitar Techniques, January 2011 had this to say about Ben Powell:

 ’There’s an unmistakable Pierre Bensusan influence to this collection of beautiful acoustic guitar instrumentals. But Ben Powell has a style which is very much his own – something that becomes ever more obvious as he steers his trusty Lowden O25 through 13 wonderfully recorded tracks on this, his debut CD. 

Using DADGAD as his home tuning, Ben eschews the current percussive acoustic school of taps and slaps in favour of concentrating on pure melody and mature composition; this being immediately evident on tracks like Farewell Ladakh and the CD’s opener, The Village. Ben describes himself as a musical travel writer, all his melodies being inextricably linked to places he’s visited and people he’s met along the way. This adds together to offer up a rich, interesting and diverse platter of musical style, all tied together by an enviable mastery of tone and technique. Without doubt a player to watch out for.’