Vibe Strings- I Just Had To…

A couple of months ago I got approached by the folks at Vibe Strings to try out a set on one of my guitars. The owner of the company, Fran Gaffney said that the Vibe Strings would last longer than other brands.

Yea right…

Now you have to understand that I’ve tried just about every string on the market and wasn’t expecting to receive anything “special” in the mail.

But here’s the kicker. .. I put on a set and heard some tones come out of my 77 Great Plains Mossman Custom that I haven’t heard out of that guitar before.

I was especially impressed with the low end, as they were warm and bright all at the same time. So, off to a gig I went and thought, these won’t sound like this for long. Strangely enough, they stayed new sounding for 3 solid gigs which is a record for me. I’ve tried the coated strings… all the brands, and just don’t like the way they sound, nor the feel of them. I actually started to get the coating roughed up so much that they were hurting my fingers- felt like steel wool.

So here’s a press release from Vibe strings and yes, slightly embarrassing that I’m the focal point of the article.

I asked Fran if he would be willing to give away some strings to the folks here at Acoustic Guitar Videos?

Well he’s up for that, so I’ll keep you all posted. Now if you are not signed up for the AGV Newsletter, please sign up as I will let you know when this will take place. Hey I know, it’s a set of strings but, I’d love to hear what you all think of them.

So check out what they said…

“Bob Harris is no stranger to acoustic guitars having worked professionally as a musician and producer since 1977. His back catalogue includes working with the legendary Johnny Cash amongst others and 15 years as a guitarist for fiddle player Vassar Clements. Bob gigs regularly, owns two recording studios producing primarily acoustic music and with - aims to share videos and professional commentary on rising stars and established names in acoustic guitar circles. Stringing his guitar with Vibe Strings Medium Acoustic Phosphor Bronze strings, Bob put them to the test by playing at three outdoor gigs in hot and humid New Jersey. Impressed with the durability of sound and solid tone, Bob gave Vibe Strings 5 “Bright and Warm” stars. Read The Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings Review Here and visit Bob Facebook Post About Vibe Strings

Fran Gaffney, Vibe Strings Founder says “We’re delighted to have such high level industry interest and reviews of our strings. It’s humbling to know that we’ve tapped into the essence of a guitarists playing appreciation. Giving each guitarist the very best experience in playing our strings keeps us on track with our vision for Vibe Strings and our continued growth.”  read more