Lawson Rollins: “How Fingers Work”


Latest Video! Lawson Rollins, guitar – “Locomotion”

By John Hill:

Lawson Rollins is an American guitarist and composer from North Carolina noted for his virtuoso fingerstyle technique and melodic compositional skills featured in his recordings. His music spans a wide range of genres but is generally classed as Latin Jazz and World Music, with elements of Samba, Bossanova, Middle Eastern music, Classical guitar, Flamenco and Shred guitar added to the mix. He often employs extremely fast minor scales and diminished scale solo runs to his compositions which are diligently executed in the flamenco picado style, often blazing arpeggios across the fretboard using his fingers, a technically highly difficult feat for most guitarists.

In addition to his solo albums Lawson has recorded guitar-focused videos that have gone viral on the internet and attracted millions of viewers – The Fire Cadenza, Santa Ana Wind, and Locomotion.

“The videos were meant to be eye catching and entertaining to watch, but I thought they’d be of interest mostly to fans of highly technical guitar playing,” says Lawson. (From Wikipedia and