Johnnie Lin: Tapping The Streets of Brisbane

Whether or not we like the tapping style of guitar,

we’re gonna have to admit one thing…

It’s here and it’s getting major amounts of traffic on YouTube
when something is posted.

Now this tapping guitarist Johnnie Lin, has already received 500 thousand views. You got to ask the question… “Do you think this style is here to stay.”

My inclination is a big yes.

here’s the Youtube write up… just look at what happened by posting this vid-

I’m a 22 year old videographer from Gold Coast, Australia :) ‘Like’ Instagram: @bennykazfilms I had never seen or heard anything like this before. An incredible musician playing his guitar on the corner of Adelaide and Albert Street, Brisbane. My gf and I were having a stroll through Brisbane city when we saw Johnnie Lin playing his guitar. As a videographer, I so happened to have my camera / monopod with me that night :) I was very surprised to hear from Johnnie that he didn’t have any videos of him playing on YouTube. He was very grateful when I offered to film him in hopes of bringing him some recognition for his talent. So here is the video I spontaneously filmed of him on the 7th of September 2012. Hope you all enjoy! Like Johnnie’s guitar page here: *DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ* Since I posted this video, I’ve had several big-name music blogs / Facebook pages contact me asking for my permission to use it. I’ve even been contacted by an Australia’s Got Talent TV producer and ABC News. My only request would be if you’d be so kind to let me know where this video will be embedded or shared, that would be awesome. To all other blogs and pages, please feel free to share this video on your website, however please just send me a message so we can credit you for helping us get the views up! This video was shown on National TV via ABC News: