Bako Jovanović: fastest guitarist in the East

BAKO JOVANOVIC tamburica fest deronje 2011

By Miche Archetto:

Here is Serbian guitar player Bako Jovanović playing in a music festival in Serbia. He is playing in a traditional “Tamburitsa orchestra”, made of tamburitsa stringed instruments of different sizes covering all octaves from bass to mandolin (more information available on wikipedia). In particular Bako is playing a “bugarija” or “kontra”, which has five strings, the bottom pair are D, the middle string is A and the top two are tuned F# and F#.

At 3 minutes 35 seconds he starts playing at insane speed.

Bako was also previously featured on this site, check it out.

There is not much information available about Bako on the web, but that he is a Serbian living in Vienna and graduated from the Joseph Haydn Konservatorium, Eisenstadt, Austria.

Here is also a video of him playing a nylon stringed guitar at similar speed.

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