Andrés Godoy- Born To Play

Sputnik – Andrés Godoy -

I’m not even going to say it.

No I’m not.

But what I will say is you are listening to one fantastic musician that was “Born to Play” music and has so much to say.

Andres Godoy who hails from South America (Chili to be exact), has a definition to his playing that few possess. Along with a memorable melody, his rhythmical sense and his chord knowledge is just so amazing. I just kept hitting the back button over and over.

The only thing I will say… I just don’t know how he is able to get the notes out so strong and smooth. It just doesn’t seem possible. And listen to some of the up strokes and off beat groove elements incorporated.

This is by far one of the most amazing vids I have seen in since I started this website.

Andres writes: “A song of my new Cd. This material is part of the Instructional Book – DVD that will be published in November next. It ia about my tecnique “Tatap” for guitar with one hand.

Sputnik is a Video directed by Quique Yorio, Produced by Carlos Gálvez and D.P, Jaime Cáceres. HD Producciones “
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