Swenn: Pasta Inspired Song

(Swenn) Making Pasta – (Original)

We’ve featured this young and upcoming guitarist “Swenn” here before at Acoustic Guitar Videos and his post got a good response… so why not two?

First thing I’m going to tell you is, a bunch of folks here at Acoustic Guitar Videos don’t particularly care for the tapping/percussive style of guitar.

Hey, that’s okay…. I totally understand.

The problem is, so many young players are coming up influenced by that style and the large audience that loves this kind of tapping/percussive guitar playing wants to hear it. 

I get complains about classical as well so, if I just listen to everybody’s rants of what I should and should not post, we would be narrowed down to Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins and a handful of others-
TommyandChet.net  ,,, hey, someone should register that domain, start that site and see how it goes!

As far as Swenn’s playing, every new video I see of his, he keeps getting better and better. I’d also like to know what kind of camera he’s using cause the filming looks so good.

Music ultimately will progress, even though a lot of the pop music of today in my opinion is a digression, the acoustic guitar seems to have moved into many other possibilities that we’re unimaginable when I was first learning how to play.  And its guys like Swenn and the youth of today, that move it forward.

Here’s the YouTube description by Swenn:

“Here is a composition I’ve made, called “Making Pasta”

A little weird/funny story behind this title:
A night like everyday, I was holding my guitar while cooking pasta; I was listening to the boiling sound for a moment, then when it was almost done, I poured tomato sauce and the smell of it was absolutely marvelous. I suddenly got a melody and wrote that tune, if I could say one thing now, it would be: thanks to pasta for inspiring me !

Anyway, I hope you’ll get a smile listening to it ! 
Feel free to share it with your friends, and why not listening to it while you’re making pasta !

Thanks for watching and see you next time !”