Up Close In Review- 1985 Alvarez Yairi DY96 acoustic guitar

Earl Kayoss over at our facebook page shared this video of his newly purchased 1985 Alvarez Yairi DY96 acoustic guitar.

The pearl inlay of course is beautiful, and the back and sides do look to be Brazilian rosewood.  The attention to detail is a little scary, and the guitar looks like it’s in perfect mint condition.

Now as far as what Earl paid for this beauty, I have no idea so I’m not even gonna guess. Personally I’ve always thought that Alvarez Yairi was a guitar that was trying to compete with Martin with somewhat of a similar tone but with a cheaper price tag. But this particular guitar  is incredibly sweet sounding, perhaps even better than many Martin’s- and this is just judging from the mic off the camera. 

Would love to have this in my hands for a flatpicking tune (or 10).  

I think Earl may have found his dream guitar, and that’s saying a lot since after all these years, I haven’t found mine yet!