Leo Kottke Performs With Mike Gordon of Phish

Mike Gordon (Phish) and Leo Kottke LIVE – 091605 – Complete

This is a whole set (over an hour and a half) of what is described as

“Mike Gordon of Phish and Leo Kottke of Leo Kottke join forces for some pickin, grinnin’ and story tellin.

09/16/05 (Fri) Mississippi Nights – St. Louis, MO

Set 1: Disco, Clone, Living in the Country, William Powell, Ray, From Pizza Towers to Defeat, Sweet Emotion, Standing in My Shoes, Invisible, Last Steam Engine Train, Rings,I’m Going Back to the Old Home, Ojo – Too Fast – Airproofing, E: Machine #2″

My opinion of this?

Well, I think Leo’s guitar playing doesn’t need any praise. ┬áBut what I will say is, I’m not a fan so much of the singing here, although the fans go crazy. I’m preferring the instrumentals which luckily, that’s what most of it is here.

Also, Leo is such a complete guitarist, does he really benefit from Mike Gordon’s bass playing (although, I don’t think it’s taking anything away).?

All in all, fans of both Leo Lottke and Mike Gordon should enjoy this video.