John Denver: Solo Guitar

John Denver Bells of Rhymney

I’ve been getting some flack lately from the folk enthusiasts here at Acoustic Guitar Videos for not providing enough bluegrass music… (hey sorry, that was a joke).

not enough Folk Music.

I’m just going to preface this next statement with something that someone at a bluegrass festival years ago said, and I think it’s mostly true…

“You can put the bluegrass into folk, but you can’t put the folk into bluegrass.”

I know, what does that mean? Well, my friend was basically saying that the bluegrass musicians could play folk, but the folk people couldn’t pull off bluegrass. (Now I know you folkies are really starting to get upset with me).

But I wanted to post this John Denver video of him playing solo guitar in defense of my 60′s folk loving friends . John say’s this was a song that he choose to play when he was with the Mitchell Trio. We all know that John Denver could sing, but this video proves that John Denver also was a competent guitarist… enjoy!