Adam Palma &Tommy Emmanuel: Tommy’s Ultimate Counterpart?

Ever hear of guitarist Adam Palma?

Well if you didn’t (or even if you did) you are in for a treat!

This is a show that was performed at the Palladium in Warsaw Poland just this last September 2012 featuring the following songs:

Django’s Castle, 12th Street Rag and Swing 42

I’ve heard a lot of of players join Tommy on stage over the years…..

No doubt he always invites the best with him.

But this video is different.

Adam Palma reminds me of Tommy in a lot of ways in his playing and style. Perhaps Tommy is a little bit more bluesy than Adam and perhaps Adam spent a little more time on the gypsy jazz… but the blend in my opinion is just so compatible with both players possessing the same amount of chops on their guitars.

And Adam’s stage tone is marvelous, and his note choice here….

Well let’s just say that at times he makes it difficult for even Tommy to follow.

Just check out his break in Django’s Castle at 2:00. Wow is all I will say. Just so beautiful and really making all the changes so well.

Here’s what Adam himself said about the concert:

“I had a fantastic time to play with my guitar hero and the man who inspired me to pick up the acoustic guitar Mr.Tommy Emmanuel. We are playing Django’s Castle, 12th Street Rag and Swing 42 during a spontaneous jam session at Palladium in Warsaw, PL 09/11/12 Enjoy!”

Well enjoy I did Adam… You and Tommy are out of this world.

Here’s some of Adam’s bio:

“Adam Palma first started playing the guitar in 1986. His formal music education started in Poland some years later and in 1999, he graduated from The Music Academy with honours, – Faculty of Jazz and Popular Music. Adam has been working as a session guitarist since 1998 and has played with several of the best Polish jazz and pop musicians, singers, arrangers and composers, including some international artistes such as Tommy Emmanuel, Joscho Stephan, Martin Taylor, Snake Davis, Gary Potter, Richard Smith, Jack Pearson (The Allman Brothers), Chris de Burgh and Hamish Stuart (the Average White Band, Paul McCartney), Robbie McIntosh (John Mayer, Paul McCartney), Adam Rafferty. Adam has opened the shows for the guitarists like: Albert Lee, Jerry Donahue, Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones).

Influenced by a wide variety of musical styles from the rock of Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie van Halen, Doobie Brothers to the country of Albert Lee, Brent Mason, the acoustic guitar of Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel, the jazz of Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Miles Davies – still loves to have AC/DC and Frank Sinatra songs together in his car’s CD player” read more