Nathan Huisen- A Melodic Side To Tapping

Nathan Huisen- Pearls in the sky

Here’s percussive/tapping style guitarist by the name of Nathan Huisen that just finished his first album recently at Heil Studios, produced by Jesse Boleyn.

Nathan really has it going here and for me, in a very musical/lyrical sense rather than just a lot of guitar acrobatics and fast picking. Some of the chord changes in this song “Pearls In The Sky” remind me of a Pat Metheny composition to a degree- Certainly not quite what I’ve normally come to expect from a percussive style guitarist.

Besides outstanding guitar playing, the tone of the recording is also fabulous, and I like the delay and echo on the guitar as well.

Here’s Nathan’s bio:

“Nathan Huisen is an American finger-style guitarist born in Germany, utilizing open tunings and percussive slaps to create his distinctive style of melodic cross-cultural compositions. His performances continue to mesmerize audiences around the country, having already performed all along the East coast as well as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle to standing ovations, all at the age of 18. For Nathan, the guitar has been a great source of inspiration. From the time he was a young boy, he’s clocked countless hours exploring it’s intricacies. No stranger to the stage, his virtuosity and professionalism is only exceeded by his complete command of his instrument, having honed his craft since the age of 8. Producer, Jesse Boleyn offers this unique perspective. “The first time I heard Nathan play I knew he was a prodigy, executing not only tonal complexities but complete knowledge of the sonic landscape. I compare his playing to such guitar legends as Eric Clapton and Chuck Hammer, with a future as broad and all-encompassing as the title of his first album, ‘Aer.’”  read more

So obviously Nathan has been doing a lot of wood shedding since he was very young, and it certainly shows in this video. Speaking of which,,, the video currently only has 36 views… so I’m gonna ask you if you could please “like and share it” to help out this talented guitarist!