Tom Lumen – Hot Guitar/Working The Crowd

Here’s Hungarian guitarist Tom Lumen performing a live concert in Berlin, Germany which took place not too long ago. 

You know, as I was watching this video I realized something…

It takes a special sort of person to get up with a guitar and play for an audience,

especially if you are not singing and just playing.

Tom obviously has a lot to say on the guitar, the hot playing and such but I want you to check this out…

Nearing halfway on this video, Tom breaks into a little bit of “working the crowd” as I call it. I mean, the audience is really getting into what he’s doing by participating in the show.  This for me is important because no matter how impressive it all is with the guitar, the average fan wants to be entertained as well. Take for example Tommy Emmanuel- I think his showmanship accounts for so much as to the reason for his success (lord knows I’m not taking away anything from his playing..) Tom obviously knows this too… hey, a fun video to watch and probably way better to be there live.