(Swenn) The Heart Tuning – (Original)

Here’s a young fingerstyle/percussive guitarist named Swenn (I believe his last name is Mohn) who is originally from Madagascar now living in France.
Swenn sent this video into our sister site at facebook.com/acousticguitarvideos and you know what? I think he’s done a fine original here.It’s nothing really complex with his playing, but I like the fact that he’s  concentrating on the melody mostly. This looks like a good song to learn as I think it wouldn’t be too difficult.  I also am amazed at the video quality. What kind of camera is this? It’s so clear. Great sound and vid production.
Now I don’t know how old Swenn is, but he doesn’t look that old. I don’t have much to go on here but I do know he’s a big fan and been influenced by Maneli Jamal….  also saw a picture of him with Tommy Emmanuel.
Well, keep listening to guys like Maneli and hanging out with Tommy and it’s gonna rub off. My prediction, Swenn is only gonna get better- a bright future ahead.