Stephen Mougin: Rockin’ with The Sam Bush Band

Guitarist Stephen Mougin is quite the flatpicker. He’s got what I call that “snap” to his playing that creates so much excitement. I’m including two videos here of The Sam Bush Band, the first being a song entitled Blue Mountain. The owners of this footage made a point to say that it “was recorded at and belongs to The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour in Lexington, KY.” Okay, thanks for sharing this and we are all very happy that you own this video!

The second video here might be even more impressive. It features banjo extraordinaire Scott Vestal with a song called ” By Stealth,” which was filmed live at  the  Old Settlers Music Festival 4-21-06 in Austin Texas. The Old Settlers Music Festival did not mention that the video belongs to them which must mean that we can just steal it, right?  (sometimes I just got to wonder about people and organizations posting on YouTube. If you don’t want people sharing the videos than just disable the share feature…..)

So here’s vid two- Hold on to your seats for this one. The banjo by Scott Vestal is crazy good, although I’m not such a fan of the plugged in sound. Stephen Mougin just annihilates this piece and Sam Bush, well he’s pretty good too (ha ha).