Carlos Vamos: Lead and Rhythm All At Once

Carlos Vamos plays “Little Wing” acoustic tapping version HENDRIX

This has got to rate right at the top for me with the tapping style of guitar.

I’m amazed at the technique but I often find that many of the players are doing a lot of percussive sounds, rhythms and complex note choices that are not necessarily melodic passages.

Well, that’s not the case here with Carlos Vamos. With this Hendrix song “Little Wing,” Carlos is playing lead lines with his left hand (he’s a left handed guitarist if you haven’t noticed by now) and the chords and additional melody parts with his right.

What’s so cool about this song is his use of octaves on the melody itself. It really makes this all just stand out way beyond just the single hi or low melody.

I’ve also got to think that Jimi Hendrix would so approve of this…  Carlos has really captured the Hendrix flavor in a very big way.

Here’s the YouTube description:

“ this song is on the CD very best of Carlos Vamos , the CD includes guest Stanley Jordan, Michael Manring, Justin King and Jan Akkerman . “Little Wing” acoustic tapping version. The video is filmed from 4 different angles so you can see what is going on.”

So I go over to the site and it looks as though it’s just one page, saying that Carlos Vamos is performing live in the streets of  Amsterdam every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
Hum…. well, okay. Maybe some help here. Once again, I can’t find any info on this great guitarist who in my opinion is one of the best I’ve heard in the tapping style.

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