David Russell Performs Bach’s Greatest Hit

David Russell Bach Choral BWV 147 Home Recording

By Jim Weaver:

To celebrate the birth of JS Bach, born March 31, 1685 here is David Russell’s home recording of a very familiar choral:

Sorry Jim, I’m a little late for posting this but, JS Bach’s music is timeless so, let’s just celebrate his birthday again. In fact, I think Bach’s birthday should be celebrated year round, as he’s basically done for music what Einstein did for E=MC2. So for those of you that haven’t heard much Bach, I would suggest listening, as you will probably hear most every musical move accomplished in his compositions. We all know about being influenced, but I got to wonder who Bach was influenced by? Talk about taking it all to another level, or perhaps 10 levels.

David Russell of course does an outstanding rendition here on Bach’s most recognized piece at his home studio.  But this is not what I would consider Bach’s most intricate work.  For example, check out his “Inventions” .. there’s 15 of them that will expand your mind.