Maru: Tornado of Souls Solo Cover- Megadeth

Maru: Tornado of Souls Solo Cover- Megadeth

Maru writes on her YouTube description: “Gave the solo of Tornado of Souls a try…amazing solo by Marty Friedman, took me a while to get down and learn..there are a few mistakes in there, might do another take soon! Marty´s bends are killer haha..Criticism appreciated, as long as it’s constructive :) Maru”

Thanks Maru, I have two minor ones..

1. I couldn’t find anywhere your last name which meant I couldn’t reference any bio material and,

2. You are not playing an acoustic guitar (ha ha).

Well no, it’s not acoustic but I thought Maru’s playing was worth posting here, even if it’s distorted and electric.

I’ve checked out a few other videos of hers and I got to say this latest is a lot better than the earlier ones…

On this vid, Maru’s technique is very good with the sweep picking and, she’s only gonna get better if she keep playin’ because she doesn’t look that old.

I would appreciate anyone who knows more about Maru to chime in here…. this can be most frustrating sometimes!